About us

Freelancers Hustle

Recently freelancers all over the world used to work on more than one platform at the same time. The reason why they do so is to find more chances of winning more work. They also think it would be better not to but all their experience and work review history in one place. We have seen huge freelance platforms closed or joined to another such as the merge happened between Odesk and Elance at 2015 forming Upwork.

With the rapid evolution of technologies. And the raising volume of outsourcing, freelance platforms now a days makes new updates so frequently. Which made it such a misery for a freelancer to follow all the updates each  in it’s platform. To do so freelancers had to check their email list for those updates which most of them are not sent to them in the first place. The other way to follow the updates was by visiting the blog or forum of each platform every few days.

Our Goal

Hence comes the idea of creating one place that gathers the latest news and updates from every single freelance platform. But them together all in one place so that freelancers can find all the updates happened since last time he visited his platforms.

We also equipped our website with two discussion forums allowing freelancers to exchange ideas and experiences. You even can find our latest news by following our page on Facebook, twitter, Google+, and coming soon our Youtube channel.

Facebook page

Our Facebook page will inform you about every new post published in our website. So you can share the article with your Facebook friends, Groups, and pages.


Our Twitter account will be following all freelance platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.,) and any minor update which is not so critical to be published on our website will be Re-twitted so you can follow it too.

We are going also to expand our social network to involve other websites such as Linkedin, Instagram, …etc.


Who are we ?

we are a group of dedicated freelancers who used to work in many freelance platforms for many years. Decided finally to share our experience with others helping other freelancers to be successful.