Freelancer: Four Accounting Services You Can Outsource

Four Accounting Services You Can Outsource

Accountants don’t come cheap. As much as you might want to employ a full-time accountant to crunch the numbers for you. You have to bear other costs like monthly wages and benefits, working space, legal requirements you have to comply with, pension contribution, and other costs. You can save the money and enjoy the convenience by outsourcing the following three services.

Income-Tax Preparation

The accounting profession is synonymous with receipts. Some of these papers are tucked away until the tax deadline. Sorting through a pile of papers is not anyone’s ideal way to spend a day. Especially with the clock ticking towards the deadline for filing for returns. You can avoid this tedious task by outsourcing your income-tax preparations. Concentrate more on other value-add services of the company. Most freelance accountants only require that you to send them a list of the receipts and income sources of your clients and leave the rest to them. This allows you to get the task done accurately, at a fraction of the price and time.

Pre-Filling Forms

Database maintenance is a tedious process. Hire a freelancer to build and maintain your clients’ databases and have the contractor feed in important income figures whenever they are made available. In the end, you will have well-organized records that can be accessed whenever they are needed. This service is suitable for both small and large enterprises.


Outsource your company’s bookkeeping and let an expert pay closer attention to the bottom lines of various accounts. The cost for this doesn’t have to be high, because the outsourced provider can charge based on the volume of work. Always try to personalize the arrangement to get value for your money in the end.

Annual Reports

Financial reports have no room for error. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when compiling an annual report. If you have well-organized documents for transactions done throughout the financial year, you can outsource this as well to a freelancer and have it done in time for the next meeting with the board of directors and stakeholders.


Outsourcing accounting services isn’t just for individuals without an accounting background. Even licensed accountants who don’t have much time to spare for some of these tasks may need extra help. Maintenance of accurate records of purchases, payrolls, receipts, and sales is very important for any business to thrive. and those who need help with accounting can contract the services of a professional provider. When you outsource, you get accurate work done fast. Furthermore, there are many freelance accounting professions you can always hire at a price you can afford.


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The features of the new analytics in Fiverr

How to read Fiverr’s analytics

Fiverr recently updates its analytics allowing sellers to have a better over view of their selling Gigs and earnings.

in the next few line we will show you how to read and  make use of these new features:


analytics - Overview

The first row in the above picture provides the basic earning information as follows:

Total earnings which is the total amount of earnings you have earned from your sales since you joined fiverr.

Total completed orders which is the total number of orders you have completed.

Avg. selling price which represents the average Selling price calculated by dividing the summation of all your earnings by the number of completed Gigs.

Earned in (This month)  show your earning in the current month.

The bar chart bellow the analytics column shows you your earnings in the last month, 3 months, or year in a visual representation.


The bellow section shows you the progress in the active gigs in your hand. The section on the right side allows you to compare between your sold gigs and your sold custom orders.  you can set this section to show you details as per order or revenue by clicking on the corresponding button just bellow the title word “SALES”.

analytics - sellers


Moving to the next section of the Analytics page we can find the performance evaluation.

Starting from the left side you can see the percentage of completed orders, then the percentage of your response rate, then the percentage of the orders you delivered in time. Here if you want to make sure you are performing good you can see below each progress bar in this section. It tells you the least relative percentage performance for each section. Until your scores are equal to or higher than these percentages you are fine other wise you need to raise up your performance.

analytics - Performance


Here you can see your overall rating and the percentage of rated orders.

analytics - Rating

Your Seller Level 

In this section you can see your level as a seller on Fiverr. It will help you to know the requirements to move from one level to the next one. There is basically four levels of sellers in Fiverr starting from new seler, Level one, level two, and top seller which is the highest seller’s level on Fiverr.

analytics - Seller

World Domination

Now we comes to one of the most exciting features in Fiverr analytics in my opinion “World domination”. This feature allows you to see on the map the countries where your buyers come from. You can determine visually the country from which most of your buyers come from.

analytics - World domination

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