Audio typing (transcription): the perfect remote work for beginners

Remote Transcription

What is audio typing (transcription) work?

Simply, audio typing or transcription is to listen to a recording and type the content into a document. The source could be a video too and you me asked to type up into a local document on your computer, a cloud document on the internet, or even directly into a specialized remote transcription platform. Typically the recording would be an interview, lecture, lesson or anything of this kind.

Obviously any one can type in a good speed can do this work. Actually that is why transcription is the best choice for remote workers with no IT skills.

Types of audio typing (transcription)work

Although most of transcription work can be done without any prior knowledge of the content, But there is exceptions on this general rule. Some recordings require a transcriptionest who is aware of the terminology handled in the content.

1- General transcription general audio typing

This consists transcription of voice mail, recorded messages, and any other regular recordings. This kind of transcription any one can do.

2- Medical Transcription

medical transcription

Medical recordings could be a medical report or a medical diagnosis. This kind of recordings includes medical terminology that ordinary transcriptions wouldn’t recognize.  Therefore, only transcriptionests with medical background only can do this type of work.

3- Legal TranscriptionLegal transcription

It might look an easy task for any remote transcriptionest But unfortunately it is not. Some legal terminology would be very difficult to recognize by transcriptionests with no legal  background. Legal transcriptionests also should have a very typing speed to catch up with court recordings and similar work.

4- Real time transcription

Realtime transcription means listening to live audio and typing it. This requires very high typing speeds, accuracy and specialized stenography equipment. Only the most experienced typist can transition to realtime transcription.

Remote transcription requirements:

1- Desktop or laptop computer.

some remote work might be done using a smart phone or a tablet PC. Transcription work can’t be done using smart phones or Tablet PCs. You definitely will need a full function Keyboard and a wide screen which are not available in such devices.

2- Reliable internet connection

Unless you have a high speed internet connection, you wouldn’t be able to download audio or video recordings in time. This will result in delivering your work late.

3- Full Function keyboard

As long as typing the the basic skill in this work, you better get a high quality keyboard to use.

4- Headphones

Regular speakers can do the job but headphones will help you to listen better and focus. I advice you to get a high quality headphones with noise cancellation to get the best voice quality. this would save you repeating the recording many times to hear a word or sentence.

5- Text editor

Actually any basic text editor can do the job even MS notepad. But think wise, you can save hours of work by using a high functionality text editor. It would save your time and make you more productive. The spelling check function it self will save you from typos and misspellings.

6- Computer software

You might need to use a software to help you download the recording files faster. Also you may need another software to run the recordings on. Typically any audio software that allows you to slow down the recording speed is perfect.

7- Language

before you start looking for transcription work online, you better search for available work for your language first. Most remote transcription platforms supports English language. Though some platforms provides transcription work for other languages.  All you have to do is to make sure the platform you are going to subscribe for supports your language . And you have good command of the language if it is not your first language.


Now as you know what is transcription, and what you need to get started here is the list of most common remote transcription platforms:


Check also this list with a brief introduction to each platform.









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