Five profile tips to make you stand out from the crowd @Fiverr

Freelancer’s profile is the most important aspect clients look at before buying your service. So creating a perfect profile is key to successfully sell your service.

Here is some profile tips that will help you to upgrade your profile professionally:

1- use an eye-catching profile picture

Although we see some high rated freelancers uses a cartoon pictures or even an avatar, but other freelancers using their pictures are more likely to attract more attention. especially for new freelancers, as using a good looking picture is presenting yourself  as trustworthy and professional.

One way to stand out from the crowd is to commission an illustrated profile picture of yourself, which has become one of Fiverr’s most popular graphics and design Gigs. This way, potential clients can still see who you are, but your image is sure to grab their attention as they scroll through pages of more standard profile pictures.

2- Promote your profile

You may promote your profile your self by posting it on social media networks. You would need a good social media management skills and intermediate Photoshop skills to get the job done. If you don’t have the needed skills to do it you can work with a marketing expert.  Marketing expert will help you promote your profile across various platforms. Whether you choose to work with a social media guru, a PR whiz, or an SEO strategist, increasing your reach is the best way to get more exposure for your perfected profile and ultimately more customers.

3- Avoid typos, Misspellings, and Grammatical Errors

A poorly written profile makes clients leave your profile before considering your skills. It gives an indication of unprofessioncy. If you are not sure if your description is good you may consult a proofreader. You can even hire a professional writer to create your description from scratch.  This way you guarantee you have a professional profile description. Thinking about it as a business you better spend some credit on building a professional business that brings you professional customers.

4- Brand yourself

You must noticed in your service category that some freelancers selling more than others who provide the same service at lowest price. The reason is that many buyers care much about working with a trusted brand rather than cheaper one. To brand your service you can hire a content writer to craft you the perfect slogan representing your service.

Here is some hints on how to get your personal Brand targeted

  • Determine Your Target: Who needs to know about your product or services? Furthermore, which types of people would be interested in using your product? Of these people, how many would be willing to shell out money for your product or service? Focus first on those individuals and/or businesses that possess the pain points that you specifically can resolve. Once you have identified these people, build your personal branding strategy around this specific niche.
  • Identify Your Competition: Understanding your competition is absolutely essential to your personal brand. Through understanding your competitors’ core competencies, you are better able to position your abilities to fit your audience’s needs. And to take your skills even further, you’re able to do that, while differentiating yourself from your competitors. Not only are you speaking the same language as your prospective customers, but you’re providing a compelling unique selling proposition on why they should choose you over your competitor.
  • Create a Brand Statement: Based on the above steps, create a 1-2 sentence “Brand Statement” that encompasses who you are, what you do, and how you are different.

5- Impress buyers with creative service introduction

Most of freelancers on Fiverr uses only pictures to be the front cover of their service. So unless you are providing a unique service, you need to introduce your service differently. Otherwise your profile will get lost in the crowd of other profiles. One of the most interesting ways to do so is to create a professional video. You can record a simple video of yourself describing your service and talent. But further more you can have some running slides with a voice over or charismatic acted video.


These ways will show that you have invested in your business which will encourage others to invest in your services.


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