How to register, add new Gig, and earn money online from Fiverr part3

Part 3 (Gig Promoting and Buyer requests)

Selling and marketing

First: Buyer requests

Although the main concept in Fiverr is to have sellers offer their services so that clients can buy them according to their needs, Fiverr allows clients to put requests and sellers can bid on them using their Gigs.

Sellers can find such requests in the buyer requests page.

It is notable here that sellers will see only the requests of the same category of their Gigs. So if you have one Gig only under the graphic design category you would see only buyer requests in this category.

Hence it is highly recommended to create as many Gigs as you are permitted to in different categories. That means if you have a skill in other category rather than graphic design you better create a Gig for it. On the other hand creating all Gigs in graphic design only wouldn’t be a wise idea.

To access buyer requests page from Fiverr home page click on Settings then choose buyer requests from the drop down menu (see Figure 1).

Buyer requests
Figure 1

Bellow figure 2 shows how buyer requests page look like.

best fiverr guide - buyer request
Figure 2

To bid your offer on a request we move the mouse cursor over it. Then a Send offer green button will show up on the right (see figure 2). Click on Send offer button to bid your offer then you will see the following picture (see figure 3)

Best fiverr guide - buyer requests
Figure 3

In this window you can see a list of your gigs. Select the Gig of the same category of the request. We will select our logo design Gig here. Then we can write a brief description of our offer in the next window (see figure 4).

best fiverr guide
Figure 4

In this window we should determine the delivery time and your offer details.

Note: you are allowed to bid on only 10 requests per day.

Second: How to promote my Gig.

Whenever you create a new gig you can share it to social media in the 6th phase of creating a new Gig (see part 2).

You can share your Gig to Facebook, Googe+, Linkedin, and Twitter.

So you better have an account in each one of them so you can share to it.

As long as Facebook is the most widey used social media platform we will focus on it.

Gig promoting in Facebook:

The very basic thing you can do here is to share your Gig to your timeline. Thus all your followers will be able to see it.

However, that is not the perfect practice in our situation.

The perfect practice is to create a special account for your business. Then you can add only who may be interested in your services.

  • Share to Gig promoting Facebook groups

After you create a new account and add friends you will need to join Facebook groups created by other sellers to allow other sellers promote their gigs in.

Fortunately there is tens of similar Facebook groups.

Mainly focus on the groups that contain the biggest number of member. Facebook policy allows you to join up to 6000 Facebook groups.

Here is a list of some groups you can share your gigs to:










  • share to Facebook pages.

You can create a face book page too to share your gigs in a specific category to it. You may share any related topics to it also to get more audience.

  • Share to Facebook groups of potential customers

If you are offering Logo design service in your Gig for example you might share it to startup business groups. The same thing you can do with any other category. Remember to read groups rules before you share to it. Some groups don’t allow similar posts.

Here is how to share your post to a Facebook group:

If you are creating a new gig and you reached to Phase 6 “Publish“  (see figure 5 the same as figure 16 in previous Part).

Post Gig to Facebook
Figure 5

Now click on Share on your own timeline link to open the drop down menu (see Figure 6).

Best Fiverr Guide
Figure 6

Select Share in a Group to open the following window (see Figure 6)

Type the name of the group you want to share to then click on Post to Facebook button. Now your post is shared and then you are redirected to the following page (see Figure 7)

Best Fiverr Guide
Figure 7

To share to other groups click on the button on the right of your Gig. Then select share from the drop down menu as shown in figure 7.  This will get you back to the window in figure 6 and from here just repeat what you just did changing only the name of the group each time.

Repeat this until you share on all the groups you want.

To share to a Facebook page you manage go to one of the posts you just shared and click on Share to your Own Timeline but this time select Share to a page you manage.

Sharing in Google+

Open your gig and click on the Google logo on the right (see figure 8). And just click on the share button. You can add a comment if you want.

Best Fiverr guide
Figure 8

Sharing in other social media platforms

The same way you can share in Linked in and Twitter.

Consider using relative Hash tags in twitter. This makes your Tweet visible to those who search for the particular tag you hashed. For example but a hash tag before the word Fiverr and the word Gig.

Hint: you can connect social media accounts and allow one account to auto share your posts to all of your other accounts on other social media platforms.

Finally I wish you the best luck.

I hope you found this article useful


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