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About Sourcely
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We found that overwhelmingly a high percentage of remote workers that were signed up to various sites as freelancers wanted full time and stable employment more than anything else. Sure they'd take whatever work they could get but what they wanted was a job they knew wasn't just a job but an actual career with a company they were vested in and could see themselves being a part of for years and years. You will find that the majority of the remote workers on our platform are looking for reliable long term employment, not short term freelance projects. This required employers that were like minded and understood that being an ocean apart didn't define stability and loyalty. Today we are bringing employers together with remote workers that understand this and the engagement process includes discussions about long-term partnerships. For our employers Outsourcely's focus has been on making sure we have the most efficient and effective platform for finding and engaging talent that genuinely fits the skills and qualifications they are looking for. Additionally, the number one concern we heard from employers was the reliability factor. We have taken this barrier head on and use a 3rd party work history verification system to ensure employers can, at the very least, review profiles that have a proven track record of reliability.

The site distinguishes itself from rivals in not taking a cut from the pay of the workers themselves - instead, employers wishing to hire the site's remote workers are invited to take advantage of any of the below plans.

Number of users: 265,000+


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