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PPH new service fees scheme
« on: April 09, 2017, 09:36:04 AM »

Seller fees

- For Sellers registered until May 13, 2015 PPH charges a Service Fee of a 3.5% (excl. VAT) on all work billed (earnings), above the first 175 | 240 | $265 earned in the month which has a 15% (excl. VAT) Service Fee.
- For Sellers registered after May 13, 2015 and before March 21, 2017, PPH charges a Service Fee of a 5% (excl. VAT) on all work billed (earnings), above the first 375 | 515 | $565 earned in the month which has a 15% (excl. VAT) Service Fee.
- For Sellers registered after March 21, 2017 PPH charges a Service Fee of a 5% (excl. VAT) on all work billed (earnings), above the first 500 | 600 | $650 earned in the month which has a 20% (excl. VAT) Service Fee.

- The minimum payment made using Auto Pay or Per Hour Contracts is 6| 7 | $10 (excl. VAT).
- The minimum Service Fee per invoice is 2.5 | 3 | $3.5 (excl. VAT).
- Sellers have an allotment of fifteen (15) Proposal credits per month for free but can purchase extra credits when the free allotment has been used.
- The charge for extra proposal credits is:

Withdrawal fees

Bank transfer reversal fees : If your bank transfer gets reversed you will be charged a reversal fee of 2 | 3 | $3 as well as the currency exchange difference (if applicable).

You can see the full pricing policy of PPH here


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