Author Topic: Some customer reviews about skrill (former Money Booker)  (Read 95 times)


Some customer reviews about skrill (former Money Booker)
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:39:07 PM »
"I requested to withdraw USD funds from my USD skrill acount to my USD bank account, They got the fee from the funds, about USD6, they confirm with receipt the correct amount transferred.. but next I am surprised to see that the actual amount transferred to my bank was short USD40...
Followed up with their customer service twice but they never responded to my messages sent through their website system. Is this another scam?

Does anyone know what skrill is???"

"I can't get in to contact with Support. I uploaded funds yesterday and today I can't upload funds. Useless!"

"Do not use Skrill.

It use to work fine in last few years. However; I think they will go out of business pretty soon due to abusive customer support and idiotic answers given to loyal customers.

I have tried their telephone support and after waiting for 45 minutes, I just hang up as a recorded voice just tells you "Your call is important to us. please wait"

I tried again after an hour and I got same response.
So, I tried again after a day and I got same non-responsive phone support. No one even attended my call in 3 attempts.

I sent them an email and I got a reply back after 15 days time that Skrill has blocked my account and they reserve the right not to give any kind of reasons. What kind of a company is this? Total non-sense and non-professional attitude.

To me; Skrill is a payment processor that does not care about new and old clients and bad customer support will surely take down this company.

I also found that Paysafe is the main website that offers Neteller and Skrill services. Few days ago, I was planning to use Neteller but now I think, it would be bad idea and I should now avoid both Skrill and Neteller at all cost.

On skrill support page there is no email address given and they deliberately make it hard to contact them via email and telephone. If some how you do manage to send them email then expect a reply after 15 days with a BIG NO at the end.

So, beware about Skrill Scam as you will lose your funds for sure.

My experience with Skrill was Bad and Skrill staff behavior is rude.
No matter what is the problem, you always get a NO at the end."

"I used moneybookers for years and later skrill but didnt use it for a bit over a year...
Now i used the skrill account passed week because i made a bet somewhere and won some money... i withdrew the money i won to skrill and asked for a withdrawal to my bankaccount.. which was verified when it was moneybookers..
after a couple of days i get a email back saying the bankaccount information i provided was incorrect and the money was sent back to my skrill account.. weird because it worked before ? also they took out my bankaccount information and ofc they kept the fee for withdrawing it 5.50 euro.
After reading the reviews on this website i think i will take my loss and will use the money i won for some gambling or get it out some other way and will delete my skrill account!"

"Absolute garbage

After using Skrill for years, my account got restricted out of the blue! No email - no notification - nothing! I'm a verified member for years and even have their MasterCard debit card. After contacting "support" wanting to know about what's going on, I was replied to with only directions to:1. show screenshots of my accounts on various websites 2. answer personal questions about to who, when, how, why do I receive or send funds. 3. send links to my personal social media accounts 4. Answer question regarding to what do I do for a living !? Why? All of that without any notification or answers to my questions. USERS BEWARE of this scam company just freezing your funds like you are a drug dealer and money trafficker, asking you highly private and personal questions they have no right asking. I've had enough of this shady practice and moving back to paypal. They can keep my frozen $9,86 - not a catastrophic exit fee from a thief company!"



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