Freelancer Annual report of 2015: the most interesting spots

Freelancer Annual report: the most interesting spots

Number of users

The number of freelancers and clients registered on reached 18.5 Million users.  In 2005 This number was about 2 Million users. So we can see that the number of users jumped about 925% in the past 10 years.

freelancer users (freelancer annual report)
The number of users in 2015 is about 9 times the number of users in 2005

Number of jobs

The total number of jobs and contests posted in freelancer was redefined in January  2016. Filtered for spam, advertising, test projects, or otherwise projects that are deemed bad and unable to be fulfilled.

Freelancer jobs (freelancer annual report)
The number of jobs increased about 16 times from 2005 to 2016


in  2015 more than 3 Billion US dollars invested in jobs posted with average job size of 156 US$. This makes one of the biggest online crowd sourcing platforms.

Other interesting facts

  • 65% of the jobs posted have received bids within only  seconds.
  • in  2015 freelancer supported 34 different language.
  • more than 900 different skills are available.
  • more than 700K user downloaded freelancer mobile app.


  • More than 8M contest entries have bid on More than 266K contests posted in 2015.
  • the number of contest increased by 51%.


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