How to register, add new Gig, and earn money online from Fiverr – Part 1

 How to earn money online on Fiverr

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Part one: Introduction and registration

Introduction about Fiverr (earn money online)

Fiverr is one of the most biggest online freelance platforms and one of the most common recently. The volume of Fiver increased rapidly recently.

What I like most about Fiverr that it reverses the regular process of freelance platforms. So instead of having clients post their jobs on the platform and then freelancers bid on them.  Fiverr instead allow freelancers to post their services as Gigs then clients search for and pick the Gig they need.

It is also notable that Fiverr also allows Clients to post their jobs as a service requests. Then freelancers (sellers) might bid their gig to the desired service request.

Steps of registration (How to register?)

Step 1: Become a seller

First go to then you will see the welcome page like the picture bellow (see Figure 1).

Now to start we pres on the  Become a seller link where the red arrows point to.

How to register and Become a Seller
Figure 1 (Become a Seller)

We will be redirected to the next page as (see Figure 2) and we press  Become a seller

How to register and Become a Seller2
Figure 2 (Become a Seller 2)

Step 2: register your email

The next page will show up then (Figure 3) and in which we can choose how to register. we have three options here.

How to register and Join Fiverr
Figure 3 ( Join Fiverr )
First way: Email direct registration. (1)

in this way we just enter our email address and press continue to create a password and continue(2).

Second way: FaceBook registration(3)

You must have a Facebook account first to register in this way.

Third way: Google registration (4)

You must have a google account first to register in this way.

For me I will register using my google account which is the third way. I prefer this way because it saves me time of entering my basic info and creating a new password. You also don’t have to create a new password that you might forget.

So I pressed on the Continue with Google button which directed me to the next page (see figure 4).

Note: you should open your gmail account on the same browser first. otherwise you will be asked to enter your email and password first before proceeding to this page.

This page is asking for your permission to allow Fiverr to get your basic info from google. press Allow to give it the permission.

  • How to register - Request for permission

Figure 4 (Request for permission)

You will be directed to the next page (see Figure 5). You are asked here to choose a user name.

Note: the username can be any alias, you are not committed to enter your real name here. This name will show up to buyers who view your profile and Gigs. Once you set your username press Join.

  • Join Fiverr

Figure 5 (Join Fiverr)

Step 3 Add your skills

We will get to the next page here (see Figure 6) And we are done editing our basic info. Press on the Purple red on the up right corner. A slide down menu will show up to you then choose Dashboard where the red arrow points.Dash Board

  • Figure 6 (Dash Board)

In the Dashboard we will see a list of things we have to do. For now we can see that there is 3 tasks in the To-Dos list that needs to be done (see Figure 7).

We start with the first task number 1, Your user profile is incomplete. Please edit it. press on this link.

Figure 7 (To-Dos)

You will be redirected to the next page (see Figure 8). just scroll down to the skills sections.

  • Active Gigs

Figure 8 (Active Gigs)

Here in the skills section (see figure 9) we add our skills. press on Add New 


Figure 9 (Skills)

When you press on Add New you will see the following section (see Figure 10). In this section you will start typing your skills one by one. For each skill you determine the experience level and press Add. As we type in the Add skill text box you will see a drop down list with skills starting with the letters you types so far. If you see your skill in the list just click on it to choose it.This way you can avoid mistakes.

Figure 10 (Skills)

After you add the first skill you will see a new section with other skills suggestions (see Figure 11). You can click on any of them to add it to your skills list.

Skills suggestions
Figure 11 (Skills suggestions)

Most of the daily life skills are already exists in the skills list in Fiverr. However, you might not find your skill. In this case you will not see any drop down lists when you type the name of your skill completely. Don’t worry, that is fine. Actually that is more than fine, because unique skills are more likely to sell better. That means you have no competitors selling a Gig of this skill. But the challenge then is to find buyers for it. But don’t worry about this part too. We will give you tips that will help you get to your potential Gig buyers (Part 3 of this series).

 Step 4: Set your Account info

After you are done adding your skills. Press again on the purple circle in the up right corner and select Settings this time (see Figure 12).

  • Settings

Figure 12 (Settings)

In Square number 2 in figure 12 is the tabs of your account settings. The first one in Bold is the Active one which is the Account tab.

The square number 3 in the Account page you can reset your full name here and determine your online status (online/offline).

Square number 4 contains the Vacation Mode and the Account deactivation.

you can turn Vacation mode on if you are going to be away for while. You can turn it off  again any time when you become available.

Account deactivation is used only when we decide to terminate our account permanently.

 Step 5: Set your Security info

So for now you don;t need to change anything in the Account page.  Click on the second tab Security as shown in square 2.  then the following page will open (see Figure 13).

Figure 13 (Security)

Here you may change your password if you want. But the important part here is the Security question which is very important in case you forgot your password. If you forgot your password you will be asked to answer your secret question before Fiverr allow you to change it. Here is a list of the current available secret questions (see Figure 14).

Security question
Fiverr 14 (Security question)

Thus we have successfully finished almost all the main data of our profile. And we are ready to start building our first gig.

Note: As you noticed I haven’t register my bank or credit card account yet. Actually I don’t have to do so until I have enough credit to withdraw. Don’t worry your when you get an order your payment will be kept on your account on Fiverr until you withdraw it. You can sell as many orders as you want before withdrawing your funds. One you have earn money online selling many Fiverr Gigs you can add your bank account number or your PayPal account to withdraw your earnings. 

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I hope you earn money online like a pro.

See you soon in the next part 2 of this series (How to Build a great Gig?).

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