Meet the most important freelancer on Upwork: “Barack Obama”

The dream team of talented freelancers

upwork rainmakers

6 hours Ago 

“We’re announcing Upwork Rainmakers, a “dream team” of talented freelancers. Each individual brings unparalleled skills and experience to clients, adding to the quality talent already available through Upwork.” said Lena E

“Among the Upwork Rainmakers already confirmed are:

  • Barack Obama – political consulting
  • Kim Kardashian – social media marketing
  • Tina Fey – script writing
  • Banksy – logo design
  • Dalai Lama – Zendesk
  • Warren Buffett – financial forecasting
  • Angela Merkel – German translation
  • Richard Branson – cloud services
  • Marc Benioff – Salesforce
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – business goals
  • Siri – language recognition

Each Upwork Rainmaker will set his or her rate, depending upon the project and scope, and will be available for contracts beginning on Saturday, April 1.” she continued.


Did you believe this announcement. 🙂

Just don’t. Actually it was a silly joke by announced on Upwork Blog which “falls on April Fools Day”. That was a joke that really got every one on upwork community and even on other social media.

Actually Upwork team released the announcement first on the Official Upwork announcement board by Lina E. In which she said “For more information, read our blog post here.”. Then when you follow the link to the blog you will find out that it was a big joke. Nice trek by upwork to get some attention.  Though might think it is not acceptable joke to be said by a professional remote work platform like upwork.


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