Paysera – Linking Paysera Visa with PayPal

To add Paysera visa card to PayPal please follow the next steps:

1- Activate your Visa Card

Paysera Visa

2- Enter the 3 digits CVV2 activation code Paysera CVV2

3- Receive and save your card PIN code


4- transfer at least  1.5 EUR from your settlement account to the Visa card account by going to TRANSFERS tab – Between own accounts then set From account to Settlement account and To the account to Visa card account. Then Specify the amount and click on confirm payment button.

Note: make sure first that you have sufficient funds in your settlement account ( > or = 1.5 EUR)


5- Go to PayPal main page and click on Add a bank account or card


6- Click on Link a cardPayPal

7- Select card type Visa, enter your card number, enter the expiration date on the card, and finally enter the 3 digits code at the back side of your visa card.

Note: the address box will be filled automatically from your account info.

addACard8- Confirm The Visa card  (Click on the new card marked with green label)


9- Click on Confirm credit card 


10- Click Ok

11- Get back to Paysera and open Account balance page. Now click on the amount under reserved Heading as illustrated in the following figure.

PayPal code

12-Copy the 4 digit code from the transaction info page as following


13- Click on the visa card again in PayPal and insert the 4 digits you’ve just copied then click Confirm


14- Congratulation now your card is now  confirmed


15- Now your new card is labeled in green (Ready to use)



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