India’s Freelance Economy is Booming in 2016

Burgeoning Startup Ecosystem in India

Since India has the second highest number of freelance professionals (about 15M), standing next only to the US (approx 53M). These 15M Indian freelancers take up a whopping 40% of total freelance jobs offered worldwide. Hence this clearly manifests the dominance of Indian Freelancers over their western counterparts.

Contract Hiring in India is Catching up

When we say that the US has 53M freelance professionals, it’s important to note that half of them work on contracts as consultants with one or more companies at a time. While India’s contract workforce is in nascent stages; however, India is catching up with the west as startups actively seek out senior professionals from various industries to work on contract – something they could not afford on full-time payroll .

Burgeoning Startup Ecosystem in India

India has the fastest growing startup ecosystem and the third highest number of technology driven startups worldwide, trailing behind only the US and the UK.

Burgeoning Startup Ecosystem in India

Most In-demand Skills for Freelancers in India in 2016

  1. Cloud and Distributed Computing.
  2. Content Marketing.
  3. User Interface Design.
  4. Graphics Design.
  5. Digital and Online Marketing.
  6. Web Architecture and Development Frameworks.
  7. Perl / Python / Ruby.
  8. Data Presentation.
  9. Mobile Development.
  10. Algorithm Design.
  11. Social Media Marketing.
  12. Game Development.
  13. Shell Scripting Languages.
  14. Middleware and integration software.
  15. PR and Communications.

The growing startup ecosystem in India, consequently growing demand and affinity of people for contract hiring, abundance of skilled professionals in India. Followed by growing Internet penetration and skyrocketing number of Internet and Mobile Internet users along with India’s reserved pool of women workforce. These are clear indicators signaling that the year 2016 has potential to twirl and refresh the freelancing scenario in India.


By: Prakarsh @Payoneer Blog

Upwork release the: Future work force report – 2017

Upwork report

 Upwork Future Work force Report (The most important findings)

work force reportThis report, conducted by an independent research firm and commissioned by Upwork.

We are going to highlight only the most important findings of this  report.

1- More Hiring Managers are satisfied with the skills of freelancers than the skills of their most recent full time hires.

2- 60% of hiring managers expected that freelancing will continue to increase.

3- 88% of hiring managers have openings on their teams.

4- only 10% of hiring managers believe in physical presence in office is important to a new hire’s success.

5- 35% of departments have freelancers that conduct a significant portion of their work from a remote location.

7- 77% of managers use more than one resource when finding freelancers to hire.

8- 48% of managers used online resources to find freelancers in the past year.

9- 79% of companies are more likely to hire the most qualified freelancer than the least expensive.

10- 4 times as many hiring managers plan to use more freelancers in the coming year than plan to use fewer.