Check the new features of Upwork


New features for freelancers

Freelancers can now create milestones 

From now on, freelancers will be able to create milestones to their fixed price contracts. They will be able to do so when they’r submitting proposals for fixed-price projects over 100$.

they can provide an amount, description, and optional due date to each milestone.

This feature is very important especially for big projects. Because clients will have to pay the agreed amount in milestones. Thus for projects that lasts for long time, freelancers will not have to wait until project ends to get paid.

Dividing fixed-price projects into milestones is not new to Upwork. But in the past only clients were allowed to use this option to create milestones.

Clients will also have the option to edit freelancers milestones. Then freelancers can accept or decline the edits made by clients.

New features for clients

Client Rehire Freelancer Button:

Now clients will see a rehire a freelancer button as they create a new job post. That would be very useful for freelancer as it will allow clients to reach their freelancers easily for new projects. Formerly, clients used to create a regular job posts and then mention the name of the desired freelancer in job description or job title it self. As we used to see job posts entitled “This job is for John”.  and that was very confusing for other freelancers who sees similar job posts. now clients can hire their freelancers directly without annoying others with jobs posted for a specific freelancer.

New features for freelancers and clients

Private Notepad in Messages:

Upwork also added a new feature in the messages page allowing users to add private notes. Both freelancers and clients can see and use this notepad adding private notes. It can be used as a to-do-list or so.  The noted written in this notepad will not be visible to the opponent.


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