Upwork: Skrill (No Longer Available) Starting April 24, 2017

Upwork removes skrill

Upwork removes skrill from its money transfer options list

A few days ago Upwork announced that they are not going to allow freelancers working for them to transfer their earnings via Skrill (Formerly known as Moneybookers) .

Skrill is considered a one of the most famous money transfers e-commerce business working on the internet. It used to be one of the favorite money transfer options for freelancers all over the world.


Skrill will no longer be available as of April 24, 2017.

Read the announcement here.


“After a thorough review, we’ve determined that Skrill’s product offering and customer support to our community do not consistently meet the standards we require of our payment partners.” justified Lena E, The community manager of Upwork earlier this month.

“For example, Skrill’s sudden decision to remove their debit card service from certain countries have left many freelancers without adequate support.” she proceeded.

Upwork support team sent notification to all clients who used to us Skrill as a payment method to let them know about this serious decision and allowing them to set a new payment method until April 24, 2017.


Most of Upwork users denied this decision as Skrill was still a reliable option to withdraw their earnings. Obviously only non USA residents will be affected by the decision. As Upwork added new direct transfer options for them in a very low fees (about 1$ per withdrawal).

Some countries doesn’t support PayPal and. Now Skrill is not on the list too. So freelancers in those countries have only two option to get their earnings Which are Pyoneer and Wire transfer.

Wire transfer is the most expensive as it costs 30$  per transaction.

So freelancers in similar countries still hoping that Upwork offers a more reliable money transfer options for them.



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