Tracking Paysera Visa Card

Registered Vs unregistered mail

When you order Paysera Visa card you can only track it in its way to you if you choose registered mail. Unregistered mail option doesn’t provide tracking feature.

So if you order your visa card by unregistered mail you will not have any tracking number. You will not be able to know where your card is since it is issued until it is delivered to you.

Tracking number

Once you ordered Paysera Visa card by registered mail you shall receive an email with your card tracking number within 3 days. In the same email you can find a link to the Lithuanian post website. This is where you can track your card until it leaves Lithuania’s airport.

Depending on your country the card might be shipped to your country directly or via a transit country. If your country is not close to  Lithuania most likely your card would go through a transit country. For instance cards shipped to Egypt usually goes to Ukraine first. After that it is forwarded to Egypt. This is probably because there is no direct regular airline between the two countries.

Tracking your Visa card steps

Lithuania post
Lithuanian post website

Above is a screen shot of Lithuanian’s post website. When we enter the tracking number in the tracking number text box and click on search we get a page similar to the next figure.

tracking paysera visa

We can see the life time of the visa card from the figure above as follows:

1- the card delivered to the local post office at 3 November 2017

Vilnius central post

2- the card is delivered to the sorting center at the same day.

Vilinius airport

3- the card departed from Lithuania’s airport at 5 November 2017.

4- The card arrived at the transit country (Ukraine) at 6 November  2017.

Kiev airport

5- the item sent (departed) from Kiev airport (the transit country)  to Cairo airport (the destination country) at the same day (6 Nov).

Cairo international airport

After the card left the transit country you can’t track it any more from Lithuania post website. you can track it now from your country’s post website. (Egyptian post website  Hotline: 16789)

Egypt post

from the figure above you can see that this card is received at 11:05 am 3 October 2017 at Cairo international airport post office and departed the office at the same day to the central distribution post office.  you can receive it from there or wait until it is sent to your local post office then delivered to you at your address.

bellow another card tracked from Cairo airport post office to the local post office in Menya city in Egypt.

Egypt post 2




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